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is going to come out swinging today. of course, ohio is the home state of john boehner. the president made him a target. he mentioned him eight times. >> john boehner air. the republican who thinks he is going to take over as speaker -- >> i guess every thriller needs a villain. how much mileage will the president get by portraying john boehner as the bad guy? >> it will be hard for them to elevate him as the face of the republican party because he is not well known nationally. i think they're targeting him for one reason. they are trying to frame this debate as a class warfare debate. when you look at john boehner with his golf excursions, his hand, he can represent the laissez-faire that the white house would like to tack onto the republicans. he is also the one that met with wall street fund-raisers and try to get money from them at a time when republicans were blocking the wall street reform bill. they see a package of there, but it will be tough because he is not a national player. >> republicans have not even succeeded in the lanais in nancy pelosi. i do not think that type of tactic
. ohio, of course, is john boehner's home state. the president made him a target, mentioning him eight times. >> the republican who thinks he is going to take over as speaker -- [boo] i am just saying, that is his opinion. >> i guess every thriller needs a villain. >> it will be tough for the white house to elevate john boehner as the face of the republican party. he is not well known nationally. i think they are targeting him for one reason. they are tried to frame this debate as a class warfare debate. when you look at john boehner with his golf excursions, his tan, he can represent the lays a fair that the white house would like to tack onto the republicans -- plays a fair -- laissez-faire the white house would like to talk on to republicans. it will be tough. john boehner is not a national player. >> the republicans have not even been successful in making nancy pelosi a bill and. i do not think that is the kind of thing that usually works. i have to say, obama has suddenly come alive and is talking like a regular person out there. are there fish in the sea? they say no. when i say
john boehner and attacked him by name seven times and nobody in the country knows who john boehner is. secondly the mosque issue and the issue of the burning korans was a tremendous distraction all week. third, his proposal, some of which are interesting, credits like that. they are too little, they are too late. frankly some of his rhetoric, they treat me like a dog is getting pity me, it doesn't come off well. >> what is the political part on obama's part? >> you have to put a face on the opposition and mr. boehner is a pretty good face. he has been in the congress since 1990. he was part of the gingrich revolution in 1995. he was video taped on the house floor handing out checks from the tobacco industry to members while they were discussing ending tobacco subsidies. he advocated in cleveland a few days before the president made this speech. he is advocating a return to 2008 spending levels and to the bush tax cuts. so what is different between what john boehner who would be the speaker if the republicans gain power and what george w. bush represented. so the president is trying t
interest of our country? vote yes. >> that was the top republican in the house john boehner getting emotional, getting choked up while speaking on the house floor. keep that in mind as you watch this. the newly unveiled first campaign ad of the season from the national republican congressional committee is an ad that targets a democratic congressman named joe donnelly from indiana. it appears to be their template ad so you should watch what they're attacking the democrat here for. >> joe donnelly claims he is independent. but he's voted with nancy pelosi 88% of the time, for the obama/pelosi health care plan, the wall street bailout. >> the wall street bailout. okay. here is the problem right now if you're the republican party. here is the problem if you are the republican party trying to figure out the message that you are going to try to win on in november. if you want to run against the wall street bailout, first of all you have to run against the fact that almost all of the wall street bailout money has been paid back. second of all, we awkwardly still do have a financial system
. >> sunday shows on earlier. >> yeah, john boehner was a guest on the cbs show. of course, he is the republican minority leader in the houscomid he's been coming under attack in the last week from president obama who i believe men oned them eight timesn one of his ohio speeches. of course, boehner is from ohio but could now the leader of republicans in the house, could he be hinting at the fact that they're willing to make a compromise with president obama and the democrats when it comes to tax cuts? see what you think. >> if the only option i have is to vote for some of those tax reductions, i'll vote for them. but i've been making the point now for months that we need to ttend all the current rates for l if we want to get our economy going again. and wamwant to get jobs in america. >> so you are saying youould vote for the middle class tax cuts if that's all you can get done? >> if that's what we can get done. i think that's bad policy. i don't think that's going to help our economy. >> robert gibbs in response says we welcome john boehner supporting our position but time
's in store for the eastern united states? >>> gloves off. the white house versus john boehner. did the republican blink on tax cuts? >>> plus, can california get high with a little help from i voters? september 13th, 2010. i'm chuck todd. >> i'm savannah guthrie. at the top, a big weather story brewing. could the east coast be facing another category 5 hurricane? let's get the latest on hurricane igor from the weather channel's alex wallace. good morng. >> good morning to you. you can see behind me, this monster of a system churning through the atlantic. look at that eye here as it continues to churn its way through. here are t particulars. 150 mile-an-hour sustain winds. a category 4 storm. only about 6 miles an hour from being a category 5. the good news with this system, it's out in the middle of nowhere, so impacting land masses not the case fo us at least in the near term. here's what we think is going to happen with igor. thath projected path moving through north of the leeward islands. missing those islands is good news indeed. continuing through the open waters, even toward
of the president, who brought this country such honor by his rise to office? plus, we heard john boehner say he would be willing toextend the bush tax cuts for the middle class. sounds like he's willing to compromise or maybedo luring democrats down a trap. also, the big political story may come out of delaware where a sarah palin-jim demint c conservative may be poised to score the biggest upset of the season. her win would be good news for the reblican party. and how meg whitman's madmen managed to rip the top off a fight between two top democrats. let me finish with the inspiring sight i saw this weekend in front of independence hall. let's start with newt gingrich's tribal attack on the president. i think you have to go back to almost pagan rights to find this, talking about obama being basically a kenyan, anticolonial type who's operated as his father's pawn. he's accusing him of conning us to elect him president. what do you make of newt, howard? >> i've been covering newt for many years. he's a bomb throw er. he's a guy who knows the weak point to attack. he feels free to say anything at
opposing view, one from your fellow ohioan, john boehner, one from the president. what's going to fix this economy, senator? >> well, john boehner's shoe is to goat knovote no. we're going to vote on a bill next week that the chamber of commerce have supported. a lot of these are republican ideas, targeted tax cuts for the middle class. targeted tax cuts,ç especially for small business, which is the way we need to go to get this economy back in gear. two out of three new jobs in this country are created by small business. and the president, in addition, wants to take away the tax insentives for companies in the tax loopholes for companies to outsource jobs, instead reward those companies here and incent them to manufacture in the united states. i was in ohio today where first day the chevy cruise is coming off the line. because of the investment wes made in the auto industry, the jobs that's going to create. we know the auto industry, coupled with small business is what will pull us out of this recession. >> let me ask you specifically about some of the things where you disagree. an
to talk about john boehner's tan if we could. in the headlines talking about the pledge to america but we want to talk about what you're looking at right there, a man who blends in perfectly with an orange bookcase behind him and asked in a serious manner about his tan by "the wall street journal" yesterday. here is his response, definitive response. "i have never been in a tanning bed or used a tanning product" that from john boehner. there is a poll by the way we should tell you from ohio voters, 30% of voters say john boehner -- i love they even ask this question. john boehner spends too much working on his tan. he says those voters probably haven't seen him outside cutting his grass, riding his mountain bike. he says it's all natural. from boehner to bieber. justin bieber making his acting debut on "csi" which is a crime drama and plays jason mccann, one of the pak can brothers. he is a troubled teen in the episode in fact linked to a couple of bombings? biebs. >> i didn't have anything to do with the bombs, i swear. just about the airplane. >> i believe you but what's the deal with y
such honor by his inspiring rise to office. plus, we heard john boehner say he would be willing to extend the bush tax cuts for the middle class. sounds like he's willing to compromise. maybe, or maybe he's luring democrats into a trap. we're going to ask the "hardball" strategists. also, the big political story in tomorrow's primaries, may come out of delaware, where a sarah palin/jim demint conservative may be poised to sce the biggest upset of the season. a win by odonna would be good news for the tea party but it could, it could cost a chance to take over the republican sen participate and how meg whitman's madmen managed to rip the top off a fight between two top democrats. injury brown and bill clinton. let me finish tonight with the inspiring sight i saw this weekend in front of independence hall. let's start with newt gingrich's tribal attack on the president. "newsweek's" is an msnbc political analyst. and also an msnbc political analyst. i think you have to go back to almost pagan rights to find this kind of commentary by a al major american official. talking about obama basical
needs a villain. how much mileage will the president get by painting him as the bad guy? >> john boehner here is not well known nationally. i think they are targeting boehner for one reason. there are trying to frame this debate as a cost more fair debate. if you look at him with his golf excursions, his tan, he can represent the laissez-faire and that democrats are looking to tack on to republicans. they see a package there. i still think it is pretty tough because he is not a national player. >> the same thing happened with the republicans and nancy pelosi. that does not usually work. i have to say, obama has suddenly come alive and is talking like a regular person. when i say there are fish in the sea, i say no. when the sky is blue, i say no. i think people identify with that a bit. >> going after john boehner is pointless. most of all, people have no idea who you are talking about. people in cleveland do not know who john boehner is. they think he is from southern ohio. it took a year of new gingrich tossed political excesses' an office before he became a demon so that bill clinton
. >> listen to what john boehner, the man who would be speaker, has said about what he wants to do about the economy, says he wants to restore those tax cuts for companies that ship our jobs overseas, he wants to cancel the obama tax cuts part of the recovery act for the middle class and raise taxes on 110 million families and yet he wants to borrow $700 billion to give millionaires and billionaires another tax cut and add to our deficit. >> mike viqueira is live at the white house. good morning. >> good morning. >> john boehner becoming a favorite white house target. >> no fewe than eight times did president obama mention john boehner's speech in the economic speech he gave last wednesday, cleveland being in the home state of john boehner, ohio. they are looking for someone to hit a punching bag as democrats are really underun the crunch n. they stand to lose their majority in the house of representatives. many experts say there's a better than even chance that's going to happen. and perhaps even the seate. that spells serious trouble for this white house with republicans leading the h
. president says the debate over the bush tax cuts pits rich poor and house minority leader john boehner is a shill for the wealthy. >> the president: there were no new policies from mr. boehner. there were no new ideas. cut more taxes for millionaires. and cut more rules for corporations. to most of you, i bet in seems like common sense. -- i bet this seems like common sense. not to mr. boehner and his allies. four years republicans have fought to keep these corporate loopholes open. he and his party believe we should also give a permanent tax cut to the wealthiest 2% of americans. >> sean: democrats say they tried this strategy in 1984 when then governor cuomo mocked president reagan for rivering to the u.s. as a shining city on a hill. >> there is dispair mr. president in the faces that you don't see. in the places that you dot visit. in your shining city. mr. president, you ought to know that this nation is more a tale of two cities, than it is just a shining city on a hill. [ applause ] >> sean: that year the republicans swept 49 of 50 states. joining me with reaction is gop's nomin
and that has to be denounced. >> the president is about to give a speech where john boehner spoke two weeks ago, take on john boehner and try to fight back against this whole idea of a tax break, continuing the tax break, which takes an affirmative act, extending the tax break for the wealthy, make a populist argument out of this. but is he also missing the point politically in saying it's all about infrastructure? is that a rallying cry to try to get the uninspired obama surge voters back to the polls and save the day for democrats? >> understanding the white house strategy at this point, clearly they have to engage on the issue of the economy. the economy is the contextual issue that makes all the difference for this election. they have got to talk about it. they have to talk about it in a constructive way. talking about infrastructure used to be something that had sort of bipartisan resonance in the country, even the fight around the stimulus, a lot of republicans who criticized the stimulus and said if it was more infrastructure item support it. in a way the political impact of this is not
to exploit that back now. >>> also, the democrats trying to paint john boehner as public enemy number one, placing him n their version of mount rush more. will it work? ♪ [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever. time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, theastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. >>> welcome back. you can call it the defacing of facebook. the man behind the social network has opened up to the magazine about his notorious private life and his $23 billin business. and he's a young man. zuckerberg and his company have recently come under attackac fo its privacy policies. critiques allege the site is not doing enough to protect personal information of its users. they posted into the zuckerberg universe, but may not realize that is the domain of facebook. next month, a new film will b
>>> losing an enemy? john boehner says he is open to compromise on tax cuts. is this a victory for the white house? or have they lost the boogeyman they were hoping they could ride to midterm success? then hurricane igor. it's a category four storm only getting stronger. we'll look at whether it's a threat to the u.s. coast. and that's not the only one out there. cop rsus cop then. two groups out today that share a lifetime of law enforcement experience. but they are very different views on whether it's time for california and other states to make smoking pot legal. >>> and then a sexy sports reporter, some says, says members of the new york jets that w ent too far in her coverage. the team under a cloud of sexual harassment allegations just hours before they take the field for the first time game, or the first game of the season. all at this coming hour. hello, everyone. i'm richard lui in for chris jansing on this monday. live from nbc world headquarte in new york. first breaking news that just came in within the last hour. the case of accused christmas day bomber, abdulmutal
minority leader john boehner said that he would vote for president obama's plan to extend tax cuts for everyone except the wealthy if if that is the only available option. the world's major central banks have agreed to new lows to rein in financial companies in hopes of avoiding another major crisis. the biggest change require banks to increase the amount of capital they hold. the rules must be ratified by the g-20 nations before taking effect. harley-davidson workers vote on a contract today that with respect and cut jobs. the company has threatened to move its allies two factories out of wisconsin if they don't accept it. resident evil afterlife won the weekend box office with $28 million in ticket sales. it was the lowest-grossing weekend of the year. that is your "money scope report." i am rob nelson. >>> time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> steve rudin? >> dense fog advisory to the west of us. visibility is down to a quarter mile in loudoun county. be careful getting to school and work. let's look at temperatures. holding in the 60's across the immediate metro ar
. what is great about what john boehner has done is he has clarified the difference -- >> by saying he would sign that bill. let me try something by you. if nothing happens, we all know everybody's taxes go up in january. who wins then? if everybody walks to the voting booth and nothing has been done and everybody's taxes go up in january, who wins then? >> it is not going to happen in a vacuum. there will be a floor fight. if they can't get a bill passed the democrats will say this is what the election is about. making this decision. >> won't people blame the democrats because they are in pow ir? >> i think you, again mr. boehner helped us make this case if you say i wanted to vote for tax cuts for middle class. they wanted to give $700 billion in more tax cuts to rich people and i wanted to stop that and we are going to come back and fix it next year. >> democratic polling greenberg is making her case. people are willing to fight this fight. the rich shouldn't get the tax cut. the democrats believe this. nancy pelosi believes it in her gut and will fight like heck on this. you say? >
, virginia. this comes a day after house republican leader john boehner signaled he may be willing to compromise and vote for the president's middle class tax cut if that's the best deal he can get. today, treasury secretary tim geithner said it's full speed ahead for the administration. >> we very much welcome recent indications republicans may not hold middle class tax cuts hostage to have us borrow $700 llion from our children to make permanent tax cuts to the 2% of earners in the country. if these republicans mean what theyas say, there's no reason t delay moving forward on these -f on tax relief for the middle class. >> with me w nbc's chief white house correspondent and political director chuck todd and also my co-host on "the daily rundow" nice to see you again. >> howdy. >> hello. feels like thefo white house is ready for a rumble with john boehner. we even expect the president to bring this up again this afternoon talking with the fairfax family about the economy. >> that's right. look. they think they have developed a foil in john boehner. right? the premise of ten days w
and early to talk about. to talk about, well, more than john boehner. >> reporter: the white house is trying to have sport at boehner's expense. boehner, who's stepped up his own profile in the last ten days or so has effectively come around to obama's point of view on the question of whether to extend the bush era tax cuts set to expire at year's end. both the white house and conservatives who position themselves to the right of congressman boehner on this exchange that the representative had with bob schafer on cbs sunday. >> in other words you wouldn't be willing to pass the lower bracket extensions unless you can get the -- if the only option i have is to vote for some of those tax reductions, i'll vote for them. but i've been making the point now for months that we need to extend all the current rates for all americans. if we want to get our economy going and we want to get jobs in america. >> on the basis of that clip, robert gibbs, white house press secretary, told the cbs show early today we're going to have to see what congressman boehner does and says today but i think congressman
the health care reform law, house minority leader john boehner telling a newspaper in cincinnati saying he will repeal or block funding for the new law before it bankrupts the country, his words from yesterday. midterms just around the corner, the republican now putting the unpopular health care law front and center, saying it would not pass today, and if it came up for a vote from congress -- if it came up for a vote from congress. coming up we'll take a look at a new government report on what the law will do to the health care in the coming years. martha: wisconsin is seen as shaping up to be quite an opportunity for republicans who are hope to go seize control of the u.s. senate. incumbent democrat russ feingold is now neck and neck with gop rivals ron johnson. steve brown is covering this race for us in the chicago bureau. steve, what does this overall race look like and it's getting a lot of attention. >> well, it is starting to get a lot of attention because of the chatter about the potential, and right now, there's a potential with a capital p that the republicans might pick up the
office.'s john boehner proposed let's go back to bush 2008 budget inand safe $1 trillion by not spending the money. when we balanced the federal budget in the 1990s which we did for four years we controlled spending and cut taxes simultaneously and w reformed government. >> chris: taxes were higher in the 1990s than they are now because you have the bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003. what about the argument -- i mean john boehner, the hse republican leader idea was to go back to the last bush budget and keep the bush tax cuts. isn't he making the democrat argument that your party's idea is t's go back to bush? >> well, first of all, if you want to go back to the world of before pelosi and reid of december of 2006, a lot higher employment, a lot higher income. the middle class was much better off. i think -- >> chris: can't blame the whole financial crisis on reid and pelosi. >> no. no. but you can blame the level of failure for the last two years and the level of spending for the last four years on the liberal democrats both in the congress and in the white house. i'd make a deeper argument
>>> i'm tamron hall. right now on msnbc, twitter war, robert gibbs d john boehner argue over middle class tax cuts. the latest in the back and forthcoming out of washington this morning. and what mr. boehner's saying about compromise when it comes to tax cuts. we'll it'll you exactly what he's saying. >>> in california, the search is under way for those missing after last week's gas line explosion. plus, new video of the gas line erupting. details on the n inspection under way of all the company's pipelines in that state. >>> hurricane igor grows from a category 1 to a massive category 4 storm in less than 24 hrs. we are tracking this monster storm. we've got a new one right behind it. plus -- this is the buzz story of the day. a female tv reporter allegedly harassed during an nfl practice, what she says happened to her. and will some nfl plers be punished if itturns out to be true >>> well, has republican leader john boehner managed to take way one of the democrats' key attack lines leading into the midterms? president obama is accusing the republicans of holding the middle class h
. >> thank you very much. i want to ask you what's just happened. the how minority leader, john boehner said he would consider extending the middle class tax cuts. if the only option i have is to vote for some of those tax reductions, i'll vote for it, he said, on "face the nation" this morning. what is your reaction? >> i haven't seen the comments. i noticed the qualifier if my only choice is. if he -- if he's truly saying that we can, as the president called for, get a broad consensus to extend the middle class tax cuts, we should do it. we shouldn't hold that hostage for the argument about the tax cuts just for the very, very highest income people. if he's for that, i would happy. in the past, we have seen some of these circumstances in which what appears to be the offer of doing the sensible thing in the light of day, there's a little bit of a feeling of, well if the president's for it, i'm against it, then it falls apart. >> he does obviously say he's going do everything he can to fight to make shaur that all the tax cuts are extended. if this does happen that he's going vote for an ext
republican john boehner, the man who might, repeat, might be the next speaker of the house of representatives and one of the democrats' election nightmares. how will voters respond to the attack and his new tax proposals with the economy in the tank and control of congress at stake? i'll talk about that with the economic adviser over at the white house and a leading critic republican congressman ron paul. also a florida pastor insists on going ahead with his plan to burn copies of the koran on september 11 this saturday. he is responding to charges of new attacks against americans and charges he would have blood on his hands. >>> president obama put on the brass nknuckles in ohio today fr an attack on the man who personifies democrats' worst fears for the fall election. that would be john boehner poised to be the new speaker of the house if republicans win back control of congress. just a short while ago mr. obama offered a stinging assault on republican economic policies from president bush to congressman boehner and he did it in boehner's home state. a few weeks ago the republican leader of
people ask me what john boehner would do if he were in charge of the house, i say, "john boehner does not need to have a conversation with me about what he would do if the republicans, indeed, take over the house and if, indeed, he becomes speaker of the us." he needs to have a conversation with his constituents in the state of ohio, talking about copay, looking forward to a yearly medicare check up, and one of the things that would go the fastest is that we have been given some new resources, wr tavis, to really crack down on medicare fraud, to go after the guys stealing from the system, to work closely with the attorney general. he and i have been in several places of the country and continue to go around. if those resources are gone, those are one of the first programs to go, and i do not think the taxpayers will find that to be a good idea. we have already returned $2.50 billion to the medicare trust fund, and we believe more can be found, and we can prevent and then prosecute these criminals, but those resources have to be available for that effort to go on. tavis: since you have
was out there, this was a john boehner document and that eric cantor has been kind of silent on it, but not everybody inside the house republican caucus thought putting this out was a good idea and if you're going to do it, watering it does was something everyone could agree on. >> social conservatives wanted more to be said about gay marriage. you've had people in the republican conference who wanted kind of a balanced budget. you also had people who wanted specific plans on social security and medicare. the republicans side -- not do any of those things. this is coming out before the election and they wanted to make sure they wanted an issue obama could attack. very political in method and probably won't be what they'll be doing this time next year if they're controlling congress. >> here's john boehner answering a question thursday. >> legislativlegislatively, how plan to honor families, traditional marriages -- >> if you look at house republicans over the course of the last year, two years or for that matter, the last ten years, you'll see that by and large, we have supported t
and 2003. john boehner's idea was go back to the last bush budget and keep all the bush tax cuts. isn't he making the democratic argument that your party's idea iset's go back toh? bus >> if you want to go back to the world before pelosi andr reid of december of 2006, a lot higher employment and higher income and the middle class was much better off. >> chris: you can't blame the whole nancial crisis on reid and pelosi. >> no, but you can blame the level of failure for the last two years and level of spendinu for the last four years on the liberal democrats both in the congress and in the wte house. i would make a deeper argument here. you show -- you do an economic run of wha this country would at 4% unemplo with 5.5% of the country back to work fullime and bringing down the underemployment from 6% to 17% to 7% or 8%, increase in revenue because people are back to work. the president set an all time record for the number of americans on food stamps. that is not where you want to go. you want to go to a pay check, not a food stamp. >> back in the '94 mid terms you presided over a
of the house and he would be ohio republican john boehner. apparently the minority leader. will the two men be ableo iwork with each other if boehner is elevated this fall? joining us now, democratic strategy christopher hahn and chip, the former campaign manager for huckabee for president. good to see you. thank you for coming in. chip, how would these two get along? >> well, it's a great question and it's going to -- a lot will depend on what h'rappened in november. we're not in the majority yet. things look good. let's not count or chickens yet. they don't have much of a relationship right now. you've seen it in a few pick up appearances. i go back to where they had the health care debate where it seemed like president obama was almost lecturing john boehner instead of having a conversation. my guess is if the president wants to get anything done, he probably needs to reach out to leader boehner and try to build some kind of relationship because it's going to be very important to not only the president and the white house, but the country that they work together. >> rick: christopher, pr
the president said today in a speech. targeting john boehner, let's listen. >> and the republican who thks he's going to take over as speaker -- [ crowd booing ] >> i'm just saying it's his opinion. he's entitled to his opinion. when he was asked about this, he dismissed those jobs as gornment jobs that weren't worth saving. >> does it make sense for president obama to be talking about john boehner? >> it makes sense for him to be talking about john boehner if he es evidence it his side is not motivated, energized. i was looking at polling data tonight that says 33%, one third of union households plan to vote republican for congress this year. if that happens, that's re-creating -- ask ed rollins about the old reagan democrats. they decided their party had become too liberal. if that happens to this president this year, if 33% union households vote republican for congress, then john boehner am be the next speaker of the house. >> john boehner is not known by the country. the president elevates him. what the president has done is become the ultimate partisan, i promise you over the next eight
. >> you don't want to punish these people. >> ifill: yesterday house republican leader john boehner who had staunchly opposed the president's plan to end bush-era tax cuts except for the middle class suggested he might change his mind if forced. >> if the only option i have is to vote for some of those tax reductions, i'll vote for them. but i've been making the point now for months that we need to extend all the current rates for all americans if we want to get our economy going again and we want to get jobs in america. >> ifill: senate republican leader mitch mcconnell said today senators in his party would oppose any effort to end any of the tax cuts. >> only in washington could someone propose a tax hike as an antidote to a recession. and this is no small tax hike. the tax hike the administration is proposing according to the i.r.s. would apply to half of all small business income in this country. >> ifill: mr. obama has argued ending the tax cuts for high- income earners would save the country $700 billion over ten years. today the president seizeded on boehner's concession and mcc
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